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Roof Washing near LSU in Baton Rouge

Roof Washing near LSU in Baton Rouge

We arrived on Sharlo Dr, in a neighborhood near LSU campus in Baton Rouge, to perform a Roof Cleaning of a single unit of a townhouse. We began by blowing off the roof for any debris like sticks and branches so that our solution can be applied effectively. Once the roof was blown off, we blended our cleaning solution to the desired potency so that the roof can be cleaned as effectively as possible. We then applied the cleaning solution to the roof until the black streaks and organic growth was completely removed. This process is referred to as Soft Washing because it cleans materials like a roof without applied harmful pressure. While applying the cleaning solution, we make sure to keep all of the vegetation around the property wet. We do this to make sure that there is no damage to the plants from the solution resting on the leaves. After going over the roof several with several coats, we made sure the dark spots are completely lifted and the roof is left with an even color.

Location: Baton Rouge, LA

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