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Roof Washing in Baton Rouge

Roof Washing in Baton Rouge

Our project took us to Sharlo Dr, only a mile or two from the LSU campus, for an impactful Roof cleaning in Baton Rouge. The property we were there to clean was a single unit of a townhouse.

Our process began with a thorough roof clearing by blowing off any debris, ensuring a clean slate for treatment. Our tailored cleaning solution was then expertly applied, effectively removing black streaks and organic growth. This technique, Soft Washing, achieves impressive results without harsh pressure.

We kept surrounding vegetation moist to prevent any harm from the solution runoff. After applying multiple carefully applied coats removed dark spots, leaving a uniform roof color. Once the roof was thoroughly cleaned, we moved on to soft washing the siding of the carport. We changed the blend of our solution to a less potent mix and began applying it to the carport siding. After the solution set in, we rinsed it off with low pressure water.

Location: Baton Rouge, LA

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