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At Southern Exterior Solutions, we recently had the opportunity to provide our exceptional house washing services to a Prairieville homeowner. This customer was seeking a solution for black and green algae streaks on the soffits and grime buildup on the faux shutters. With our expertise in soft washing, we set out to revitalize their home while ensuring minimal impact on the surrounding vegetation.

To begin, we carefully prepared a soft wash mix, taking into account the delicate balance between effective cleaning and environmental safety. Applying the solution to the affected areas, we noticed the formation of suds, which allowed the solution to cling to the surfaces for an extended period, maximizing its cleaning power. Within just five minutes, the algae stains were completely eradicated. For the harder-to-reach areas, such as the upper windows, we utilized a specialized pressure washer attachment that delivered a full-volume spray at lower pressure. This approach ensured that no damage was caused to the house while effectively removing stubborn debris up to 40 feet high. Our commitment to using soft washing techniques guarantees the safety of both the home and our service professionals.

As we rinsed the front of the Prairieville home, we were pleasantly surprised by the extent of dirt and debris that emerged. The soft washing solution had not only eliminated visible grime but also eradicated hidden elements like spider webs and accumulated junk from corners and edges. By breaking the surface tension, our powerful cleaning solution prevented dirt from reattaching, allowing for a thorough rinse and leaving the home looking immaculate.

With the front porch area and the front door now cleaned, we took extra caution by performing a test spot to ensure the cleaning solution wouldn't damage the finish. Our meticulous approach guaranteed that no unpleasant surprises would arise during the process. As we wrapped up the soft wash job, the delighted customer expressed satisfaction and promised to rely on Southern Exterior Solutions for future services.

This Prairieville soft washing project exemplified the power and effectiveness of our soft washing techniques. By utilizing a combination of gentle cleaning solutions and appropriate pressure, we were able to remove algae, grime, and hidden debris without compromising the integrity of the home or surrounding vegetation. At Southern Exterior Solutions, we take pride in delivering exceptional results and ensuring customer satisfaction. If you're in need of soft washing services in Prairieville, we're here to provide a transformative experience for your home.

If you're looking to restore the beauty of your house in Prairieville, consider soft washing as an effective and safe solution. Contact Southern Exterior Solutions today to experience the transformative effects of soft washing firsthand and give your home the care it deserves.

Budget: 350

Location: Prairieville, LA

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