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House Washing in Baton Rouge

House Washing in Baton Rouge

We arrived in Pelican Lakes, a large investor neighborhood in Baton Rouge near LSU campus to complete a house washing job. Once we arrived we began by walking around the property to find the dirtiest areas that will require the majority of our attention. We also taped up all key holes and exposed outlets on the wall. We then applied the cleaning solution to all of the facia, softs, siding, windows and doorways around the house. We then rinsed the solution off with low pressure water, removing all organic growth and dirt from the house. This cleaning method is called a soft washing and it is used to avoid putting high pressure on paint or fragile material and damaging the property. We then came back around and reapplied our solution to any areas that were not property cleaned after the first coat.

In order to properly clean your home while still protecting the paint and materials, contact Southern Exterior Solutions who have experience and knowledge utilizing the soft washing method.

Budget: 300

Location: Baton Rouge, LA

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