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We arrived in Riverbend, an upper-end residential subdivision in Baton Rouge to perform a driveway cleaning on our client's property, front porch, outdoor kitchen area and pool deck. After arrival we moved all of the furniture and any personal items that could be damaged in the cleaning process. We then started our service on the pool deck and the outdoor living area by applying our cleaning solution. Since these materials are not suite for high pressure cleaning, we use our soft washing method to prevent any scarring or damage to the material. After the cleaning solution was applied, we washing the solution off with low pressure water and made sure all of the extremely dirty places were returned to their clean surfaces.

Once the back was finished, we applied a pre-treat of our cleaning solution to the long driveway since it was considerably dirty. After the treatment set in, we began by taking our wand and cleaning all of the corners and hard to reach places that would have been missed by the surface cleaner. We then began surface cleaning the driveway, front porch and walkways with our surface cleaner on high pressure so that all of the old dirt and organic growth could be removed. We then pushed all the dirty water and sediment into the drainage systems so that it cannot soak back into the concrete. Once all of the surfaces were cleaned and all of the dirty water was cleared from the driveway, we went and post treated the concrete so that it is left with an even, clean color and removed any lines or stripes that were left behind by our surface cleaner. The post treatment also gives the concrete a long lasting clean that will hold for years to come.

Service provided: Driveway Washing

Budget: 550

Location: Baton Rouge, LA

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